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It's a fact: The performance of your production line directly affects your bottom line. With a custom-designed conveyor system in place, your products are built faster, your services are delivered quicker, and your profits are increased with the help of highly specialized engineering technology. From modified standard conveyors to complete custom designs, we provide the innovative solutions that increase your line’s performance and achieve better results.

Backlit Conveyor

Backlit_2200A light fixture is installed inside the conveyor frame and emits light through a translucent belt.

  • Provides enhanced contrast between product and conveyor belt for visual inspection and vision system interface
  • Parts can be stopped directly over the lighted section or continue through uninterrupted

Custom Conveyor Systems

custom_systems_doughEven though Dorner provides the most extensive offering of standard conveyors, modifications and custom conveyor solutions are sometimes needed to achieve the optimum conveyor package. Dorner has over 30 years of experience providing engineering expertise to our customers. Working with companies in more than 40 different industries, we are able to draw from a wide base of conveying application knowledge and apply it to your specific custom conveyor needs. Our state-of-the-art lean manufacturing facility allows us to build these conveyors quickly and cost effectively.

Dorner offers a wide variety of integrated conveyor system solutions and controls to automate and optimize your processes. We offer full installation and training services along with maintenance planning through an experienced staff of field and service professionals.

  • Systems
  • Complete Solutions
  • Controls

Metal Detection

metal_detectionSanitary Conveyors for Food Processing

Maximize the performance, quality, and productivity of food inspection with Dorner food systems. Dorner works with leading metal detection companies to provide our customers with sanitary conveyors for transfers in, through and out of metal detectors, metal free zones, rejection systems, lockable reject bins, system controls, and networking interfaces for real time performance information.

Vacuum Belt Conveyor Systems


Vacuum belt conveyors are made by perforating the belt and drawing air through grooves in the bed of a standard conveyor.

  • Holds flat parts of any material fast to the belt
  • Ideal for elevation changes or part holding
  • Can be used in upside down applications
  • Vacuum area required is designed per application
  • A variety of vacuum sources can be used

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