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Knotts Value Add Services


Solutions with Technology and Innovation

KNOTTS SERVICES address the efficiency and effectiveness of your procurement, inbound logistics and operational processes. Free up valuable resources to focus on more pressing strategic issues that will enhance your bottom line.

  • Total Cost and Acquisition Analysis
  • Co-Engineered Solutions & Systems
  • Modified & Standard Component Sub-Assemblies
  • Kitting & Packaging Solutions
  • Control Panel Assembly
  • Machine Frames & Guarding
  • Software & Programming Support
  • Training Classes Covering a Full Range of Technologies & Products
  • Technical Support With Documentation & CAD Drawings
  • Customer Specific Inventory Plans

Demonstration Services

MiR_UR_Image.jpgThe Knotts Company is offering MiR (Mobile Industrial Robots) and UR (Universal Robots) on-site demonstrations.  Click the link below to request one.
**Please note that you must be in our NJ/NY territory and have an application in mind.

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Manufacturer Process Audits

We can have a representative come to your facility to review if you have any manual or repetitive steps that could easily be alleviated with the assistance of robots.

Design, Selection, and Programming Services

Whether you need a complete turnkey system, just assistance in reprogramming existing equipment, we can deliver high quality service quickly at convenient and economical rates.

Kitting Services

We can prepare a ready-to-assemble kit for your pneumatic or electric panel. Kit components are numbered to your specifications to make your assembly project a snap. We can also inventory and ship to fulfill your requirements.

Pneumatic SolutionsIMG_1204

Pneumatic Solutions  includes the following:

  • Pneumatic Sub-assemblies
  • Custom Manifolds
  • Control panels
  • Customer Valve assemblies

Product Integration

Our newest service includes product integration to complete a new process or automate an existing process. We apply our knowledge and components to offer a complete automated solution.

Electro-Mechanical Controls & Assemblies

Our Whether a turn-key solution or retrofitting an existing process is needed, let The Knotts Company help you design custom electro-mechanical systems to meet your needs. Outside sales, in-house specialists, and manufacturer’s experts are available to help with design and implementation.  All assemblies are built, tested, and inspected in our Berkeley Heights, NJ facility. Past projects include: 

  • Custom designed control boxes, including PLC programming
  • Motion control solutions
  • Automation solutions using right-sized robotics and end-of-robot tooling
  • Conveyor systems and lifts
  • Sensor selection, positioning, and mounting
  • Electrical component kitting services

80/20 Extrusion

The Knotts Value Add department has built over 2000+ different 80/20 assemblies. 

Our in-house 80/20 Specialists will work with you to design a customized solution for your project, and the Value Add Department will build it, giving you a total solution.  All assemblies are built and inspected in our Berkeley Heights, NJ facility. 

Knotts Value Add Department - Custom Assemblies

The Knotts Company’s Value Add Department was created in 1992 to assist our customers with assembly tasks, saving them both time and space in their plant. With over 50+ years of experience in BOMs and assemblies, we can provide just the type of assembly services you need to suit your unique business needs.  We have a team of certified specialists who can provide design assistance, or we can build to your current specifications. No matter if it is a full assembly, sub-assembly, or service kit, we will work with you to meet your current and future needs. 

Each assembly is assigned a unique number, and each can be labeled with a batch number, serial number, date code, or your part number, if required. We also accept blanket orders, so inventory is in stock when it is needed. Each assembly is inspected prior to shipment, and packaged to prevent shipping damage.

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