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Dorner 3X Series

Dorner 3X Series

3X Series Conveyors

The 3X Series Line is designed for medium to heavy sized parts, precision applications, bulk handling and flexible layouts.

Dorner_3X_thumb_rzclaej03200 BELTED

Dorner_3X_thumb_bqzj3jml3200 MODULAR BELT 

Dorner_3X_thumb_dzido1m43200 PRECISION MOVE

3200 Series Conveyors are best for:

  • Part Handling
  • Transfers
  • Accumulation
  • Precision Part Movement
  • Part Inclinde/Decline Routing (Z Frames)
  • Positioning
  • Automated and Manual Assembly
  • High Speeds
  • Long Runs
  • Mainline Packaging

The Benefits of a Dorner 3200 Series Conveyor

Low Maintenance

  • Dorners Industry Best V-Guiding provides positive belt tracking, even under demanding side load applications
  • Modular belts and spliced standard belts allow for quick belt changing, reducing downtime
  • Precise Rack and Pinion Belt Tensioning
  • Sealed for Life Bearings

Time Saving

  • Dorner’s online configurator engineers simple or complex conveyors to meet your needs in minutes
  • The industry leading tool delivers a complete 3D CAD assembly model for instant validation of fit

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