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Norgren offers a wide range of high quality pneumatic and fluid control products such as pneumatic filters, regulators and lubricators, fittings and valves. Proven product brands including Lintra, Excelon, Pneufit, Martonair, Herion, FAS and Buschjost make Norgren’s product portfolio one of the strongest in the industry. 

Air Preparation

Norgren_Air_PrepFamiliar airline product brands such as Excelon and Olympian are well used throughout industries globally. Choose from filters, regulators and lubricators, either stand alone units or combinations. When it comes to air preparation Norgren has evolved its experience and products for over 80 years. Familiar product brands such as Excelon and Olympian have a proven history throughout industries globally. From stand alone units utilized in paint spraying applications to multiple installations on trains, Norgren Air Preparation products deliver ultimate quality and reliability. Detailed specifications, CAD and datasheets are available.

IMI - Exelon Plus - for websiteThe Excelon Plus is the newest generation. It offers exceptional performance, is compact and light-weight with no compromise on robustness, and is suitable for all industrial applications. Designed with safety in mind, the Excelon Plus has built in tamper resistant features, with padlock features on both the shut-off valves and regulator. A rotating safety shut-off valve makes it easy to isolate the system with no reduction in performance; a unique double safety bowl lock, with an audible bowl clip plus a safety detent when pressurized, makes it impossible to remove the bowl when in use.

The new and improved filter maintenance system allows the filter element assembly to be removed with the bowl, enabling faster and cleaner servicing. It also features the Quikclamp system locking Excelon Plus modules together.

Fittings & Accessories

Norgren_FittingNorgren offers a wide range of pneumatic fittings in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. Our fittings utilize optimized seal designs to ensure reliable operation of system components, combined with energy savings. Norgren offers a vast range of push in and push on pneumatic fittings in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and materials. With tried and tested products such as Pneufit, Pneufit C, Pneufit D and Fleetfit, Norgren focuses on engineering leak free fittings to ensuring reliable system operation. A complete range of functional fittings, including flow controls, shutoff valves, check vales, silencers and quick exhaust valves are available to complete your system installation. Detailed specifications, CAD and data sheets are available.


Norgren_ValveA wide range of pneumatic and fluidic control valves for many applications. Manual, mechanical and solenoid operated in a variety of mounting styles. Includes brands such as KIP.


VR Series - Valve Islands

VR10-FullIslandA simple plug-in, sub-base style design allows for valves to be easily exchanged for easy installation and maintenance. Expanding the size and functionality of your Valve Island to match the changing demands of your application is a simple “plug-and-play” experience.

Available in two body sizes – 10mm and 15mm, the VR10/15
series can be used across a broad range of Industrial Automation markets, from food & beverage, packaging, labelling, textiles, glass production, metal production and paper and print.  
Download VR Series Data Sheet

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