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80/20 Aluminum Extrusion



80/20 provides modular framing systems that can adjust to fit any industry and application. From heavy to light-duty. 80/20 modular framing will provide you with a secure and safe guard, display, frame, workstation, etc.

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80/20 Applications

Machine Guarding

Guarding_Solution_34Personal safety, loss prevention and increased productivity are the number one goal of any workplace environment. 80/20's lightweight, high-strength T-slotted framing solutions provide a cost-effective and easy to implement machine guard that can be customized to your specific needs.
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Material Handling

Material_Handling_Pic_2There is no end to how you can use the 80/20 in the field of material handling and logistics. 80/20 products have been used to create everything from large scale, computerized packing, racking, scanning, assembly, and sorting systems, Robotic guarding and computer mounting, vacuum system frames, order picking carts, and everything in between.
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Workstations_Pic_380/20 solutions are great for office environments. Not only are 80/20 creations strong and durable, they make a great impression too! No longer do you have to be confined to pre-fabricated cubicle walls and desks that have a generic look and standard sizes. Break the mold and get noticed with creative and innovative custom office space solutions.
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Machine Frames

Machine_Frames_Pic_2Increase your efficiency right from the start with 80/20. By designing with the 80/20 T-slotted aluminum construction system, you can create machine frames with your processes and people in mind. By offering everything from casters and floor mounts to color-coded accessories and custom machined mounting plates, our complete line of products can help you save both money and time.
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Custom Machining

Custom_Machining_Pic_2Did you know that 80/20, the makers of The Industrial Erector Set, also provide services for you to integrate custom machined parts? Not only can you custom make frames out of the T-slotted aluminum construction system but you can also develop custom mounting plates, brackets, and accessory mounts to add to your project.
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T-Slotted Extrusion Series

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8020_Fractional   8020_Metric   8020_HT   8020_Quick_Frame

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