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Robotiq Palletizing Solutions


Meet Robotiq's Palletizing Solutions

  • Turnkey - Provide immediate functionality and operational efficiency.
  • Standardized - Tested extensively ensuring reliability and efficiency.
  • Ready-made - 14-day delivery lead time.
  • Compact - Fits easily within your existing floor plan and integrates seamlessly on existing systems.
  • Ease of use - Allow all user types to operate with ease and confidence. Operator’s trained in 10 minutes.
  • Adaptable - Adapt to variable product lines and future-proof operations.


  • Lifting capacity Up to 18 kg (40 lb)
  • Stacking heights Up to 2750 mm (108 in)
  • Cycling time Up to 13 picks/min

Compare the Different Robotiq Palletizing Solutions:

Ready to talk Palletizing?

Set up your application in three easy steps

Automatically generate and optimize all trajectories and robot movements, using only the info below:

#1 Box dimensions, weight and orientation
Handle payload up to 18 kg.

#2 Pallet dimensions
Select your pallet depth and width. Our solution can handle all the ISO standards.

#3 Pallet configuration
Create your pallet layout to automatically generate optimized trajectories.

Robotiq Palletizing Configurator (1)
Palletizing URCap Overview
Palletizing URCap Overview
Box dimensions, weight and orientation

Box dimensions, weight and orientation

Pallet Pattern
Pallet Pattern
Pallet Dimensions
Pallet Dimensions
Pattern Editing

Pattern Editing

Ready to get started?

"The Robotiq system was very simple to use. From the time we received the machine until we used it... 5 days. A week. Over the last two months, we have produced with the solution every day. And every day the workers are very happy." - Antonie Bruno President at Alliora

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