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Presenting the UR3e Robot

The e-Series UR3e is the small but powerful version of the ground-breaking collaborative robot technology from Universal Robots, market leader in cobots. The UR3e lets your business seamlessly integrate a cutting-edge robot into your existing production environment to fully explore and benefit from the opportunities that automation offers. Boost productivity, improve quality and increase job satisfaction – the possibilities are endless.

Limitless potential anyone can embrace
The UR3e lets anyone program in just minutes. Use the intuitive Teach Pendant to program by simply moving the cobot to the desired waypoints or select from pre-programmed functions on the touchscreen. The built-in Force Torque sensor delivers maximum precision and allows the UR3e to be programmed for highly sensitive applications.  



The Universal Robots advantage
Universal Robots is setting new standards for how businesses use collaborative robot technology with fast set-up times, limitless flexibility, easy programming, safe and collaborative operation, and fast payback.

Fast set-up
Unpack, mount and program the first simple task with your UR3e in just 60 minutes.

Easy programming
Intuitive user interface dramatically reduces the time it takes to program. Inexperienced programmers can learn to program the UR3e in as little as 87 minutes, using the free training modules at Universal Robots Academy.

Limitless flexibility
Quickly and easily automate almost any task with virtually unlimited applications in your production and deploy the UR3e as often as required.

Our cobots are certified by TÜV NORD for ISO 10218-1 and safety functions are rated as Cat.3 PL d according to ISO 13849-1 and, subject to risk assessment, can typically work safely alongside operators on the production line, all thanks to built-in and customizable safety features. At Universal Robots, we make safety imperative so our users are free to explore and experiment with the unlimited applications of our cobots for greater productivity and product quality with peace of mind.

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