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Unitronics designs, manufactures, and markets quality PLCs for the global market. Easy to use, efficient, and affordable, our products have been automating processes, systems, and stand-alone applications since 1989.

Unitronics’ field-proven PLCs automate hundreds of thousands of installations in diverse fields: petrochemical, automotive, food processing, plastic & textile, energy & environment, water & waste water management – anywhere automated processes are required.

They offer UniStream (for high-end machines and automation projects); Vision (for advanced machines & automation projects); and Samba (for small machines).

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EtherCAT is the industrial fieldbus protocol that drives powerfully precise processes in factories across the globe—now easily implemented by UniStream® PLC series. 



For High-End Machines & Automation Projects

Powerful PLC with incredible HMI features and a built-in webserver. Completely modular and scalable hardware — backed by the most efficient programming software you have ever used. Execute high-end projects — on time and within budget.

unilogic_boiler_angle-plc-tab-iphone700.pngUniLogic® - UniStream®Software

All-in-One programming environment. Slash your development time by 50%.

UniStream®Hardware - Uniquely Modular


Tailor UniStream™ to suit your precise application. Select your HMI panel, snap on a CPU, and I/O to create a compact All-in-One controller.

  • Powerful CPUs—faster scan time, up to 2048 I/Os, and over 2MB of operand memory.
  • High-quality HMI touch panels + an easy-to-use HMI editor for elegant screen design.
  • COM ports: Ethernet, CANbus, USB host & device, Audio Out, add RS232/RS485 ports via COM modules
  • Sophisticated, space-saving I/O—effortless local and remote I/O installation.

Award-winning features - a true multi-purpose controller

  • unilogic_screen_angle_with_popup-1024x696.jpgBuilt-in Trends and Gauges, auto-tuned PID, data tables, data sampling, and Recipes
  • Media files: Video, Audio, pdf Viewer, embedded speakers
  • UniApps™ – Use the HMI to access & edit data, monitor, troubleshoot & debug and more
  • Security: Multi-level password protection
  • Alarms: Built-in system, ANSI/ISA standards

**Unistream comes in 7", 10.4" or 15.6" screens sizes.

UniStream® Remote I/Os

Unitronics’ recent launch of a new line,UniStream® Remote I/O, greatly expands the reach of UniStream, the award-winning PLC + HMI controller series. The new line comprises an Ethernet-based Remote I/O adapter and a broad range of Remote I/O modules, each offering a different configuration of analog and digital I/O.


A single UniStream Remote I/O adapter can support up to 63 12mm-wide I/O modules. Each adapter comprises two Ethernet ports; this enables users to link an adapter to a controller, and then daisy-chain adapters to support up to 8 adapters per controller, enabling to increase the total number of I/Os supported by a single UniStream.

I/O configuration is a snap; users simply drag & drop the selected module to add it to the hardware configuration in UniLogic, the All-in-One programming environment.

UniStream Remote I/Os are a powerful addition to the UniStream series, which supports Industry 4.0 via features such as MQTT, VNC, FTP, Web Server, email and text messaging, and SQL Client. Other benefits include auto-tuned PID, data logging, data tables and Recipes, data sampling displayed via built-in Trends and Gauges, Alarms, multi-level passwords, Video + RTSP, and plug & play communications for CANopen, CAN Layer2, MODBUS, EtherNet/IP, and more.

UniStream® 7” Built-in: PLC + HMI + I/Os Unitronics_3317-1024x674

Unitronics’ new UniStream® 7″ Built-in All-in-One controller brings you the advanced communication capabilities you need for Industry 4, complete control functionality, and the ability to support the newly-released line of UniStream Remote I/O modules – over Ethernet.

Highly compact, all-in-one controllers fill a niche in the programmable controller market—serving OEMs and system integrators who need space-saving controllers that deliver the functionality to control complex machines, while creating a competitive advantage via a color-touch HMI panel.


For Advanced Machines & Automation Projects

An award-winning series of PLC + HMI controllers, ranging from palm-sized controllers with onboard I/O to large-screen controllers with snap-in I/O. Vision is a true workhorse: reliable, versatile, field-hardened – a cost-effective All-in-One controller.

New –  Remote Operator mobile app for the Vision™ and Samba™ series.  Available from Apple’s App and Google Play stores.

screen-VISILOGIC-plc-tab-iphone-600x250.pngVisiLogic™ - Vision™ Software

All-in-One programming environment. Simple and fast development for both Ladder and HMI applications.

Vision™ Hardware - Rugged and Compact

i-o-with-v700-.pngVision offers a model to meet any advanced control project need. Palm-size Vision All-in-One controllers offer a broad range of built-in I/O configurations. Larger-screen Visions support a variety of I/O modules that snap onto the back of the controller to supply onboard I/O. All Vision controllers are expandable. I/O Expansion Modules can supply digital, relay, high-speed, thermocouple and load cell.

**Vision screen sizes range from 2.4"- 12.1" and come in color or black and white.


For Small Machines

Boost the price/profit ratio with award-winning Samba—a perfect fit for any small machine or simple project that requires a true PLC controller and a high resolution HMI color touchscreen.

laptop-samba_phone.pngVisiLogic™ - Samba™ Software

All-in-One programming environment. Simple and fast development for both Ladder and HMI applications.

Samba™ Hardware

samba4.3-3.5.pngUpgrade your low-end projects with an elegant HMI screen, without sacrificing PLC functionality. Samba™ offers a range of on-board I/O configurations. Offering a flat fascia, compliant with IP66/IP65/NEMA4X—Samba is  an excellent fit for food & pharmaceutical applications.

**Samba screen sizes are 3.5", 4.3" and 7".


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