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SCHUNK is the international technology leader in toolholding and workholding, gripping technology and automation technology.  

Through its pioneering spirit and innovative strength, SCHUNK continues to set new benchmarks in productivity optimization for its customers. These customers benefit from an integrated range of components, applications and services. The profound SCHUNK expertise that has grown over decades is the foundation for growth in a number of areas.

The automation and production specialist is a reliable partner across the entire supply chain in numerous industries such as automotive, electronics, life science, aerospace and logistics.

Unleash your potential to automate ANY manufacturing process!


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Gripping technology
Automation technology                                                                                                          Tool clamping technology
Workpiece clamping technology
Depaneling technology
Digital tools & services

Axis systems
Life Science
Magnetic gripping
Plug & Work
HRC at SCHUNK                                                                                                                        Equipped by SCHUNK                                                                                                             Potential Finder
Vision-based gripping                                                                                                              Robots & Cobots                                                                                                                     Mechatronic                                                                                                                            Configurable products




High quality and reliability for your production
Originally started with pneumatic grippers, SCHUNK now offers electric grippers, magnetic grippers, adhesive grippers, and special grippers. The large SCHUNK gripping technology portfolio meets the individual requirements of different industries. We would love to support your production with maximum precision, productivity, and investment security.
  • Experience in the Gripping Technology product area since 1988
  • Over 4,800 variants available
  • More than 12,000 implemented gripping technology solutions

Parallel gripper - From micro assembly to heavy-load handling

Centric Grippers - Perfection for the middle

Angular/Radial gripper - Tight Angles? Right Angles!

Adhesive grippers

Magnetic gripper - reliable and precise loading and unloading of various ferromagnetic workpieces into & out of machines

Special Gripper - For special applications

Rotary gripping module - Gripping in motion

Sensors - Comprehensive sensor accessory program

Accessories - The original for your gripping technology

Flexible Gripping Solutions


AUTOMATION  TECHNOLOGY AutomationTechnologies-041223

High dynamics and productivity for your application
SCHUNK offers a comprehensive product portfolio for technical solutions for automated handling of workpieces. From linear modules and multi-axis systems to swivel units and innovative application kits – we are your complete supplier of handling solutions.
  • Almost 4,000 variants available
  • Full-service provider of automated handling processes
  • For high-speed-assembly automation

Rotary actuators

Linear modules

Change systems

Feed-through modules, change systems

Rotary feed-through

Compensation Units

Anti-collision unit

Force/torque sensors

Application kits

Machining Tools





The complete range for all applications from the technology leader
We focus on your particular application and will always find the optimum tool holding system for your task. Discover the SCHUNK technology diversity from mechanical toolholders, heat shrinking mountings via low-vibration precision toolholders, SCHUNK TRIBOS polygonal clamping technology and SCHUNK TENDO hydraulic expansion technology to the ultimate for Industry 4.0 applications – the first intelligent
toolholder iTENDO.

Extensions                                                                                                                                                Intermediate Sleeves 

Accessories/spare parts





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