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F-Series-FQB3-Assembly-Medium-Range-Automatic-Flow-Control-ValveProportion-Air, Inc. is a manufacturer of electronic air pressure regulators and air flow control valves. Founded in 1985 by corporate President Daniel E. Cook Proportion-Air offers a large family of electronic air pressure regulators and air flow control valves that allow you to select the best product to match your exact application requirements.

Electronic Pressure Control Valves

  • Control pressure from full vacuum to 1000 psi
  • Analog, digital, and serial digital signal options
  • Combine with air pressure regulator for flow rates up to 2000 SCFM
  • All models of electronic pressure regulator are closed loop around an internal pressure sensor

Ultra High Res Pressure Control Valves

  • Resolution as high as +/- 0.005% F.S.
  • Internal proportional control valve eliminates digital stepping
  • Low pressure control valves regulate air pressure as low as 4″ H2O
  • Combine with flow monitor as a proportional flow control valve

Flow Control Valves

  • “Real Time” flow measurement fast response time less than 10mS
  • Electronically control flow as high as 250 SCFM
  • Use as a stand alone flow monitor or combine with a pneumatic control valve
  • Ideal for fast cycle applications which require high high speed proportional flow control

Hazardous Location Series 2020-IS-products-300x181

  • FM-Approved devices for Class I, II, III, Div 1 and Class I, II, Div 2 environments
  • Factory Mutual-Approved devices meet the precision pneumatic pressure control needs of professionals working in environments where flammable gases, combustible dust or fibers/flyings and filings may be present.
  • Some common applications are paint spraying, tank blanketing and fuel pressure testing. They can also pilot dome-loaded regulators in hazardous locations.

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