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OnRobot offers a variety of end of arm tools.
MG10 Electric Magnetic Gripper
RG2 Industrial Robot Gripper
RG6 Collaborative Gripper
Dual Gripper
RG2-FT - Smart Gripper with F/T Sensor
Gecko Gripper
VG10 Vacuum Gripper
VCG10 Compact, Configurable Electrical Vacuum Gripper
VGP20 Electric Vacuum Gripper
Quick Changer
2FG7 Parallel Gripper
Digital I/O Converter


MG 10 Gripper - Versatile Electric Magnetic Gripper

  • mg10_product card_0Electric magnetic gripper offers fast out-of-the-box deployment without the complexity and costs of external air supply.
  • Built-in intelligence with easily adjustable force and part detection ensures reliable handling of a wide range of part sizes and weights.
  • Fast, compact and customizable gripper to fit all your application needs.
  • Ensure safe and reliable operation by maintaining grip even after power loss or emergency stop.


RG2- Industrial Robot Gripper

   RG2 is an industrial electric gripper. It's simple to install and program. The long stroke allows the gripper to handle a variety of object sizes.

   Product Facts:

  • UR3 GripperPlug n' Play
  • Payload up to 2 Kg
  • Gripper stroke 0 - 110 mm
  • Force and Width detection
  • Adjustable Gripping Force 3 - 40N
  • Typical Gripping Time 70 ms

   The RG2 gripper fits directly on Universal Robots.

   Watch how easy it is to install and program

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  • RG2 GripperSimple installation
    • Runs directly from the robot.
  • lntegrated control board
    • No need for wiring or external programming.
  • Flexible
    • Handles many different objects. Easily reconfigured.
  • Supports two grippers
    • Two grippers can be operated without any extra wiring.
  • Adjustable force
    • Is set in the Universal Robots software.
  • Wide work range
    • Allows handling of multiple sized objects.
  • Quick finger change

  • Plug n’ play
    • Mount, connect, run script. Automate.

  • URCaps plug-in
    • Intuitive programming.

  • Failsafe operation.
    • In case of power loss the gripping force is maintained.

  • Force and Width detection
    • Uses I/O’s to give feedback on reached force or width.
  • Analog width feedback
    • One of the analog input on the robot is always corresponding to the present finger position.

  • Tool output extension
    • The robot tool connector is extended to the gripper connector.

RG2-FT-Smart Gripper with F/T Sensor   or_rg2-ft_01-800x600

See and feel objects with intelligent gripping.

You can automate high precision assembly tasks with OnRobot RG2-FT. The inbuilt 6 axis F/T sensors at the fingertips provide extremely accurate gripping for better production quality.

RG6 Collaborative Gripper


The RG6 gripper is a collaborative End-of-Arm Tooling designed for a seamless integration with the collaborative robot arms from Universal Robots.

The RG6 gripper eliminates the headache by installation kits and works without any external cables, therefore any robot movement can be carried out without worrying about cable placement.

RG6 Collaborative grippers are the true Plug & Produce solutions. The fast installation and simple programming of the grippers reduces your deployment time by 30%.

The standard RG6 comes with safety shields and a single mounting bracket.


Dual Gripper  dual-rg6-800x600

Both the RG2 and the RG6 are available in a Dual Gripper configuration. This allows two grippers to be installed on the same robot arm, still without any additional cables. The two grippers work as independent grippers.

The dual configuration allows the robot arm to perform more complex tasks while notably increasing productivity, simply by being able to handle more objects at a time. It also enables the user to adapt configuration to the application, rather than requiring changes to application to accommodate automation.

Quick Changer


The Quick Changer is a product for easy and fast tool changing. It is fully collaborative with no sharp edges, which makes it easy and safe for human interaction.

The Quick Changer can handle 10kg payload and has a low built-in height and weight.

Patented reliable and with easy-to-use locking mechanism, extra safety locking structure and locking springs make the Quick Changer a unique product, ideal for all collaborative robot applications. With the Quick Changer you will have the easiest  and fastest tool changer with everything you need within the box.


Gecko Grippergecko-2_white-pads_20scale_for-web

The nature inspired OnRobot gecko technology makes it possible to attach and  lift any kind of flat and smooth surfaces. Fast and easy gripping technology for Pick & Place application.

  • Grabs with gecko-style adhesive
  • Picks up flat objects without air system
  • Can lift solid or porous objects
  • Instantaneous gripping
  • Integrated load sensor for precise gripping
  • Proximity sensor – part presence


VG10 Vacuum Gripper

vg10_vaccum_gripper_onrobot_1-750x600The VG10 vacuum gripper is an End-of-Arm Tooling specially designed for collaborative robot applications. The flexible arms and adjustable vacuum enable the VG10 to handle a variety of objects in many different sizes.

Seamless integration with Universal Robots and support of generic robot interfaces make the VG10 ideal for all types of robots.

The gripper comes with dual grip functionality, tool changer and a variety of typical vacuum cups.

The VG10 vacuum gripper is a truly Plug & Produce solution. It works straight out of the box and into your production line in less than 30 minutes.


VCG10 Compact, Configurable Electrical Vacuum Gripper


  • Flexible electric vacuum gripper with unlimited customization fits all your application needs
  • Small, lightweight gripper is perfect for tight spaces but with plenty of power for objects up to 15kg 
  • No external air supply needed for reduced maintenance costs and faster deployment

The VGC10 electrical compact vacuum gripper has unlimited customization possibilities. It has changeable suction cup options too for nearly any application need. Smaller than the VG10, the VGC10 can fit into tight environments to extend your automation possibilities. And at half the weight of the VG10 but with the same payload, the VGC10 can lift small, odd-shaped, and heavy objects even with a smaller robot arm. The VGC10 features two independently controlled air channels that allow it to act as a dual gripper with pick-up and release in the same action, further increasing efficiency and reducing cycle time. With no compressor or air supply needed, this compact electrical gripper is easy to move, and simple programming makes it quick and easy to redeploy for greater production flexibility.

VGP20 Electric Vacuum Gripper

Save up to 90% on operating and maintenance costs with the new VGP20 electric vacuum gripper. Compatible with all leading robot brands, the gripper can pick up bulky, heavy-duty payloads of up to 20 kg while being intelligent enough to handle a wide range of items, including those with porous and non-porous surfaces.

The new VGP20 is a great fit when looking for a cost-effective add-on solution for collaborative applications in industries from cosmetics and electronics to pharmaceuticals and food and beverage.


Easy to deploy and program right out of the box for sanding, buffing and polishing, the Sander's package includes everything needed for immediate use on a range of parts and materials. Fast, automated sanding Grit Changer reduces downtime and laborElectric tool (no compressed air) boosts efficiency and control.

    2FG7 Parallel Gripper

  • Complete, easy-to-program, collaborative parallel gripper gets to work fast in a wide range of applications
  • Strong parallel gripper is easy to deploy in tight spaces and handles demanding payload requirements
  • Get fast ROI with a single flexible, intelligent, and precise gripper that can be easily customized and adapted for many tasks
  • Ready for use almost anywhere, with IP67 rating for harsh environments and ISO Class 5 certification for cleanroom use

Digital I/O Converter OnRobot_io_converter_product_page

This Converter supports seamless integration of the RG2, RG6, Gecko and VG10 grippers with a wider range of robot arms. Different robot brands understand I/O signals differently. This converter lets you and a wide variety of robot brands get your signals right. This means faster integration of your OnRobot end of arm tools, so your robots can get to work right away. 

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