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Aim Robotics dispensers are electronically controlled removing the variation naturally present when using pneumatic solutions. This ensures that their dispensers deliver fluids with high repeatability for better quality control. In addition, their dispensing units are specially designed and manufactured to be in compliance with the collaborative robot safety standards whilst offering the best end-user experience.


Aim Robotics tools are truly Plug & Dispense – fast to install and easy to set up. Process Control ensures highest repeatability on the market resulting in 10x faster deployment and zero headaches.



FD Series Material Dispensers

Fully integrated robotic material dispenser.
310ml, 400ml and external feed end-of-arm tooling with Plug&Dispense™


SD Series Syringe Dispensers

The Most Precise Syringe Dispenser Ever.
Plug&Dispense any 30cc and 55cc syringe.

1-e-Series-teach pendant

Aim Path URCap

Path Recording Made Simple™
Easy as 1-2-3


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